Shapes was born out of a love for comfort and health. I’m Tara, the founder – I’ve always been very conscious of what I wear – I want it to be flattering (as most women do) but also comfortable. Looking good doesn’t need to come at a price.
Female empowerment is also a strong personal value, and my idea to develop Shapes was born from wanting women to feel confident and sexy – without breaking the bank, and without cramped or confined in something uncomfortable.
Like many females, I also love fashion trends however I knew that some women are more body conscious than others, and so I wanted to create a product range that felt and looked good for all body shapes and sizes.
In a world where lines are blurred around what to wear for different occasions, we are proud that our range is so versatile – from gym, yoga, lounge to even street wear – active wear is now considered appropriate for pretty much anywhere!
We hope you love our collection as much as we do – we’ve put our heart and soul into creating this range for women everywhere.
Tara x